Fruits Basket is about Honda Tohru, a high school student that has recently lost her mother to a horrible car accident. Her father died from sickness when she younger so that left her no choice but to live with her grandfather. However, he decides to move in with his daughter while renovations are made to his current home. Unwilling to place a burden on her grandfather and friends, she moves into a tent located in the woods, and that's just the beginning of her new life...

A week later while walking to school, Tohru decides to wander the woods. She soon finds herself in a house that belongs to the Souma family, Shigure and Yuki. Better yet, Yuki is known as the popular "Prince" at her high school. When she returns to her tent after work (she works as a janitor to pay for her school tuition), she finds herself faced to faced with the Soumas, and the land which she's living on belongs to them. While Tohru explains to them her story, her tent becomes completely buried by a mudslide. She has no other choice but to stay at the Soumas that night. Upon seeing her determination and loneliness, Shigure offers to let her stay with them. She reluctantly accepts, only under one condition. She will earn her keep by doing the cooking and housework.

While Tohru is shown her new room, another member of the Souma family suddenly appears through the roof of her room, Kyou. He came to settle a fight with Yuki, but before he could land a punch, Tohru reaches out from behind to stop him. The next thing she knows, he went "poof" and she finds herself staring at a cat. As she is confused and freaking out, she accidently falls on Shigure and Yuki, who turns into a dog and a rat. She runs around frightened asking for a doctor when the dog suddenly speaks. It seems that there's no use in hiding the family secret from Tohru. Twelve members of the Souma family are cursed at birth; they will turn into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex other than those of the family who are also cursed. Kyou, the cat, is not part of the Zodiac but he is an exception and has the ability to transform.

From here, the story continues to unfold while additional cursed Souma family members are introduced. It mainly focuses on these few members and the affect Tohru has on their lives and the other way around. Problems appears throughout the story but they're not your ordinary every day situations. Tohru learns to adapt to her new environment, live independently without her mother, and fitting in with new friends. The lives of the Soumas are completely controlled by the curse and their head of the family, Souma Akito. They slowly begin to learn what life is outside the walls of the Souma family and see beyond what they are. A great anime/manga that's suitable for all ages.

It doesn't matter who you are or how different you are from the rest of the world, you are still living and will find a place in this world, a place where you belong and accepted for being yourself.

The Juunishi Curse

This is the exact legend taken from the anime/manga. One day, God told all the animals of a important party held the next day. The mischievous mouse told the cat that the party will be held the day after tomorrow. So on the day of the party while the mouse is climbing up the mountain on the ox's back, the cat is sleeping at home unaware that he has been fooled. The placement of the animals in the Zodiac depended on the arrival of the animals to the party. The mouse came first, then the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster dog, and lastly the boar. The cat got angry because he could have been accepted as one of the animals of the Zodiac. So generation after the generation, the cat's spirit reincarnates in a member of the Souma family, seeking for revenge and acceptance.

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